IMVU Free Credits | 07 Method to Get it Legally

Are you searching for IMVU free Credits to purchase different items in IMVU stores?

IMVU Free Credits:

IMVU is a 3D virtual world in which you can make your own Avatar. The IMVU game is developed by “IMVU, INC” and has more than 6 million installs since 2004. With more than 4 million items in IMVU stores, you can only wish that this game deserves to be great.

IMVU is a Role-playing game where you will create your own world, meet new people, make friends, and escape form real-world problems. A virtual world where you can show your true emotion, a world where you will feel no fear and roam free.

IMVU game starts where you left Roblox game; now you are grown up and want to meet new online friends. Chat with them, feel safe with them, grow with them and hang out with new peoples.


IMVU is for grown-up people and it requires at least 12+ age participate in the game. Create a new life online and start living in virtual reality.

Features of IMVU

Features of IMVU Game are as follows

  • Free to Join and create your online Avatar
  • 3D game with million possibility
  • Meet new friends and make a gang with them
  • Buy or create or decorate your room or mansion
  • Purchase new clothes and flaunt with friends
  • Take part in weekly events and win to get some free credits
  • Connect with Facebook and earn credits
  • Become heartthrob while following the latest fashion collection
  • Fulfill your dream of fashion star or model in IMVU
  • Design your room according to your taste
  • Invite friends and throw a party

IMVU Game Currencies

IMVU works on two types of Currencies, and they are as follows

  • IMVU Credits
  • IMVU Tokens

IMVU Credits

IMVU credits are the official currency of the IMVU game, which can be used to purchase different game items from the official store of IMVU. You can browse into the IMVU store and purchase any items using IMVU Credits.


IMVU Credit Cost

IMVU credit can cost you real money if you check out the “Buy credit” option present in the dashboard. Here are some credits cost which is present in IMVU Stores

  • 5,000 IMVU Credits – $5
  • 300,000 IMVU Credits – $200

You can also join VIP Clube, which monthly charges are $9.99 and will fetch you 5,000 IMVU credits every month.

What you can purchase using IMVU Credits

You can purchase all the items present in IMVU Stores, some of them are as follows

  • Characters clothes
  • Apartments
  • Decorating items of apartments
  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Games bundles
  • Hats
  • Specs (glasses)
  • Event entry tokens
  • Jewelry

There are more than 4 million items present in the shopping catalog; you can choose anything from these lists.

IMVU Token

IMVU token is used to create a live room that can be used to broadcast live events from your place. Now, these Token are hard to come, and you need to spend real money to get this in the IMVU game.

Credits and Token are different items in the IMVU game; credits are used to purchase virtual items whereas Token is used to create a live room.

Live Room is IMVU is a great way to get new subscribers and get famous; it is like hosting a real-time TV and showing it to the world. Do not let this aspect slips out of your wish list.

Try to host part with your friends and make it live using IMVU Token. Show how your party is going on and how you entertain your friends.


07 Methods to get IMVU Free Credits legally

So, let’s check out 07 Awesome methods to get Free IMVU Credits legally and purchase all your game goodies.

Method 1 # Use IMVU Survey System

IMVU Game has a section called “earn Credits,” check-in your game dashboard. If you are in mobile then click on the three lines present on the left-hand top corner, you will find Earn credit option in the drop-down menu.

Click on the “earn credits’ option, and the IMVU game will take you to the official survey system.

Now, you can check there will be more than five surveys that you can complete to earn free IMVU credits. These surveys are an official partner with the IMVU game, and your credits will be transferred to your account immediately after you complete these surveys.

Some surveys in the IMVU system will force you to purchase items or gift cards; we recommend not to spend any real money on these surveys. Normally surveys run from five pages to eight pages in IMVU surveys.

Method 2 # Purchase VIP Club

You can purchase VIP Club membership in the IMVU game and get a huge reward and free 5,000 Credits per month. VIP Club Membership comes with exclusive discount and other benefits which you can use to grow your subscribers and become famous.


Some of the benefits of VIP Club are as follows

  • Free IMVU Credit worth of 5,000 per month
  • 5% discount on all items
  • 10% off on badges
  • Get free Credits when you opt for 3 months and a one-year membership
  • Enjoy exclusive clothes
  • Remove Guest tag from your name
  • Get Exclusive VIP badge
  • No annoying ads in your account
  • Create and sell your own items
  • you can Create 10 Chat rooms
  • also, Create 10 groups

Method 3 # Verify your email

This is mandatory in IMVU game, and we recommend everyone to verify your email address in IVMU. This will ensure your account safe, and your progress will be saved in the game.

You will receive 500 Credits when you verify email with the IMVU game. Verification process with taking only one minute, but it saves your account from the lockout.

There are hundreds of accounts which become obsolete, just because people did not verify their IMVU account with emails. Always remember, email can bind your game account and you can retrieve your userid and password later if you forgot it.

Method 4 # Connect with Facebook

You can get free IVMU Credit worth of 500 when you connect your account with Facebook. Now, this will give you added benefits which are as follows

  • Gets 500 Credits instantly when you connect with Facebook
  • Share your pics with online friends
  • Show your mansion pics or party pics and invite them into the game
  • Your progress will be save
  • You can check Facebook for online offers and an official announcement
  • Join Facebook IMVU fan page

Method 5 # Refer friends

Earn IMVU Credits by inviting friends using your referral method. You can now earn free IMVU credit worth of 1,500 when any friends join using your referral method.

Referral method or invitation codes are unique codes which are generated by IMVU system to identify user coming from affiliates. Now, if you check your dashboard, you will find a unique invitation code in it.

You can paste that code and tell your friends to click on that link and join the IMVU game. If any person using your referral code or invitation code, join in IMVU, you will receive 1,500 credits as rewards.

Method 6 # watch Video ads

You can earn IMVU Free Credit when you start watching video ads. Normally you can get more than 30 to 50 credits when you start watching these ads.

Watching video ads comes under the section of earn credits, where you also need to complete surveys. If you are not comfortable with completing the survey, you can opt for free watching videos.

Use this free method and earn IMVU credit worth of 30 to 50.

Method 7 # Start playing with Pet

IMVU loves animals, and to pay love and tribute to them; game has introduced fee Credits for pets. You can play with pets and receive 10 credits.

Now, these credits are not as big as compared to another method, but it does make your virtual world happier. Get love from friends and give love to your pets and receive free credits.

What is SCAM/ Fake IMVU Free Credit Generators?

Recently, there are two types of SCAM that begin circulated in the IMVU game, which claim to provide you with free IMVU credits.

  • IMVU free Credit Generators
  • IMVU Mod APK for credits

How does this Scam work in IMVU?

IMVU Free Credit Generators:

This type of free credit online generator works on a survey system. In this, they force the user to perform an online survey, and then they send it to some fake website.

Do not provide userid and password in these fake websites; you may lose your account as these people can compromise your account. We have checked more than 15 online IMVU credit generator website and all were fake and useless.

IMVU Mod APK for credits:

This type of mod APK is more dangerous and can take out all personal data including bank details. In this scam, they will force users to install the MOD APK file into your system.

These MOD APK files contain malicious code and other backdoor malware, which create a backdoor and compromise your system.

Do not install these types of IMVU MOD APK files in your Smartphone.

Final words

So, these are the 07 Awesome methods to get IMVU Free Credit Legally; you can use the first method of IMVU survey method to get huge credits free.